The departure (for trips to Gorgona or Malpelo passing through Gorgona) is carried out from the port of Buenaventura, the departure is approximately at 9 pm (Buenaventura is about 2 hours and 1/2 apart of the city of Cali by land). And the arrival at the same port is approximately at 3 pm for trips to Malpelo and at 6 am for trips to Gorgona.


Our boat is NOT a boat designed for Diving or Luxury, although it is relatively comfortable for the purpose of a Diving trip, (Diving in Malpelo and Gorgona is sometimes a bit difficult because of the changes in tides and the changing conditions in waves, currents and visibility), in addition the boat can move considerably and generate dizziness in some people.


The boat is made of aluminum with 30 meters of length and 6 meters of large, and has 3 decks.


It has 3 engines of 600 horsepower (but normally we work with 2) the 3rd unit is use only if it is necessary.


The crew is up to 12 people with cabins and independent bathrooms that those for the passengers.


We have an accommodation distribution of 2 cabins with double bed (ideal for couples) and independent bathroom, 2 cabins (double) with separate beds (stateroom) not so spacious also with separate bathroom, 2 cabins (multiple) with 3 beds (bunkbeds) each one with separate bathroom. And 2 cabins (multiple) with 4 beds, for these ones there are 3 bathrooms outside the cabins that have to be shared.


For trips to Malpelo with national passengers (up to 18 passengers) for more comfort, in cabins of 3 and 4 passengers, only 2 and 3 passengers are allowed respectively and for EXCLUSIVE FOREIGNERS TRAVELS (up to 12 passangers) in double cabins with independent beds, cabins of 3 and 4 passengers only 1, 2 and 2 passengers are allowed, respectively.


Central air conditioning (which runs from 7 pm to 6 am) by 2 generators of 30 Kva that work in alternation, 1 compressor for tank filling with Air (We do not have Nitrox at the moment) of 36 sfm and another compressor for emergency of 8 sfm.


For the diving process we have 2 inflatable boats of rigid helmet (2.5 years of use) of 15 feet with 4 times engines (#3) of 20 hp and an other boat of 17 feet with motor of 60 hp, and central console.

We do not have hot water in the showers.

Take into account the following information regarding the itinerary and dives:


For the trip to Malpelo Passing by Gorgona: (maximum 18 Divers and 3 Guides or 12 Divers and 2 Guides)


·      We travel the first night to the island of Gorgona, (National Park), we will arrive there at about 7 a.m., you have to arrive to the island to registration and listening to a talk by the National Parks of Colombia’s staff.

·      In Gorgona there will be 2 setting dives whose main purpose is: to check the buoyancy (the ballasting), to make the maneuvers of the launching of the position buoy (chorizo) from 5 meters depth, and the entrance from the boat direct to the bottom and reinforcement in computer management and information.

·      We sail to Malpelo between 11 :30 am and 2 p.m. with an estimated sailing time range of 20 and 22 hours (depending on the sea conditions), so we must arrive between 11 and 1 p.m to Maleplo. That day we will do only 2 dives.

·      In Malpelo there will be MAXIMUM 3 dives per day that do not exceed 40 meters, NEITHER EXCEED THE LIMITS OF DECOMPRESSION

·      On the last day, there will be 1 or 2 dives in an area near the ship location, because we have to be departing at 11 am (return trip is between 27 and 29 hours long) to Buenaventura. The maximum recommended time for sailing is 12 a.m (This can be modified - maximum until 4 pm - Under the responsibility of the Group coordinator).


If It is possible to go up to the island (depending on the permission of the National Navy guarding the island), it has to be done early in the morning and those who did the hike can only do 2 dives that day.


In Malpelo, nocturnal dives ARE NOT allowed by the rules of the park.


·      It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to spend the night of the return in the city of CALI to avoid inconveniences like loss of flights because of delays and unforeseen in the return trip (both maritime and terrestrial).

·      If there is a food or medical restriction of any passenger please inform it, writing in advance of the date of travel.


·      Without exception, all participants of the trip must submit their IDENTITY DOCUMENT (send it at least 15 days in advance), their diver's license (minimum Advanced Diver certification) when required, to have more than 25 registered dives (send us, at least 8 days in advance, a copy of the last 2 dives performed).

·      For all dives, divers have to have : computer, suit, knife, whistle, locating buoy with a minimum of 5 meters of rope, flashlight or position light, all persons must present medical certificate or to sign a statement of good health.  Also sign a declaration of exemption from liability for travel on boats.

·      We highly recommend the use of GPS VHF radio for divers.

·      Consumption of alcoholic beverages is NOT allowed between dives.

·      It is recommended to inform the participants of the trip in advance of the existing regulations for the sanctuary of fauna and flora MALPELO.


For Malpelo from Buenaventura directly:

It is recommended to sail at 11 pm (2 days before the start date of the dive in Malpelo) to be arriving at Malpelo at approximately 6 am (depending on the conditions of the sea) and to make that day up to 3 dives, the rest of the program is the same.


For trips to Gorgona: (maximum 22 Divers and 3 Guides, 1 Commodore).

·      For trips for Gorgona we depart from the port of Buenaventura on the day indicated, the approximate boarding time is at 7 p.m. and returning to Buenaventura on the indicated day between 6 and 7 a.m. approximately.


·      We are gonna to stay in Gorgona the number of days indicated for each trip, the schedule of hikes will depend only on the availability of the National Parks officials (if you make the consultation in the park), the visit to the prison can be previously programmed with National Parks.


·      On the day of departure, we depart at 8.00 p.m. towards Buenaventura.


In Gorgona there is a maximum of 3 dives per day plus a night dive if each diver has the respective certification and all the corresponding elements for the activity.

Diving with decompression is not allowed.

The maximum depth limits are 120 feet.

If you are going to practice apnea you must run it first thing in the morning, before any diving.


For trips to Chocó: the time to sail from Buenaventura is at 6 p.m.

Our trip includes:


·      Sea transportation round trip.

·      Full board feed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, including refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages.

·      Accommodation on board in double, triple or quadruple accommodation (for Malpelo there is no quadruple).

·      Central air conditioning.

·      For Diving Service: Cylinders with INT valve (each diver must provide its adapter - for DIN-type regulators), air, weights, belts, 2 15-foot rigid and 1 17-foot rigid zodiacs for diver transport with driver and VHF radio on board, 1 underwater guide Dive Master or Instructor.


·      DAN unit for supply of Oxygen on board and 3 cylinders of 4 cubic meters.

·      First aid kit.


Does Not Include:


·      Ground transportation service to / from Buenaventura (can be obtained additionally).

·      Diving equipment such as vest, regulator, suits or basic diving equipment. (If required they must be requested in advance and will have a rental rate per day per required element).

·      Beer or wine (will be available for sale - should also be requested) as long as its consumption is moderate.

·      Tips

·      Others not stipulated.


The rates differ depending on the cabin to use (Double bed, double with single bed (bunkbeds) or Multiple).

In order to separate quotas or charter, you must make a written request and once confirmed the availability by us, you must make a deposit of 25% (on the date indicated, for which we will give you the corresponding bank account data).

Requirements to be supplied prior to travel:


Copy of diver's certificate, Dive Master or instructor.

Copy of the identity document (if foreign - copy of passport or foreign registration card).

Occupation and experience of diving in months, years and # of dives.

Copy of the diving insurance.

Food restriction information on meat, seafood or other

Information on medication or food allergies

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